5/9/2007 A hack report by old-time collaborators
07/06/2007 Honeypots activity at NTUA NetmodeLab (diploma thesis) titled "Evaluation & Implementation of Honeypot systems"
18/05/2007 GrHP rewind new report
12/03/2007 Interest for Health Sector honeypot development
19/01/2007 Discuss Honeynet Project with Public Authority group
04/12/2006 Experiment with honeytoken against spam/open relays
29/10/2006 Roadmap for Honeywall CDROM
26/05/2006 Honeystats on sourceforge
15/03/2006 Migration to GENIII and data managment system modification.
20/01/2006 Software package "Honeystats" from ISLAB stable version.
23/12/2005 Forensic analysis of ISLAB's web site attack completed. Publication to follow concerning method, tools, profile etc.
29/11/2005 New software package "Honeystats" from ISLAB, possible candidate component of the next Honewall CDROM.
31/10/2005 Report Apr2005 - Sept2005
01/09/2005 Serious bug in the Honeynet Statistics Package fixed & major upgrade of the package.
17/05/2005 Release of Honeywall CDROM 'Roo'
24/03/2005 Report Oct2004 - Mar2005
17/03/2005 ISLab Report about Buffer Overflow Detection is on-line (greek)
09/02/2005 ISLab Report about Honeynet Data Analysis is on-line (greek)
24/01/2005 ISLab Report about Snort Spoof Detection is on-line (greek)
16/12/2004 ISLab Team presents about GenII honeynets to Technical University and opens up collaboration with the network team there enganged in the area of Security/Free Software
01/12/2004 ISLab Team gets an new vocational member from the University
interested in Open Source and Basic Security tools
05/11/2004 "Report about the Honeynet project as a case of Learning with Open Source in the Annual IT Conference Comdex 2004"
15/09/2004 Report Apr2004 - Sept2004
08/2004 ISLab Honeynet gets updated
07/2004 Lab tool (Buffer Overflow Detection) reported to conference NETTIES 2004
06/2004 Lab Report on Honeynet Data analysis is completed.

ISLAB has succesfully completed its contribution to the new book by the Honeynet Project.
The book is on the air after several months of working and learning with really interesting people!


29/01/2004 Greek Honeynet Project discovers serious bug in Sebek-Linux- 2.1.4
13/01/2004 Report 2003/Q4 
10/10/2003 Report 2003/Q3
01/07/2003 Report 2003/Q2
13/05/2003 Utilizing Honeynet Technology (Yannis Corovesis, 1st Hellenic Conference - The Country's Critical Infrastructure Protection, 2003)
Report 2003/Q1
Report 2002/Q4


The patched Solaris 7 Honeypot survived after several buffer overflow attacks


Subsection Honeynet in the news updated
Redhat 7.2 Honeypot compromised a few days ago after 7 days of operation.
Red Hat 7.2 Honeypot compromized after 35 days of operation.


Subsection General Statistics updated.

The representation of the honeynet data collected by all the alliance members on earth's map (as part of the NRTM) added on the web site.
Start of the development of the Near Real Time Monitor (NRTM) Section where visitors can get a statistical view of the honeynet data almost in real time.
Honeynet Marathon started taking data
Designing our first honeynet